COVID Community Projects

COVID Community Projects

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Bandi DIY oxygen concentrator

OIST Professor Mahesh Bandi engineers DIY oxygen concentrator

The device can produce medical-grade oxygen – a life-saving treatment currently in short supply in India.

Triangular-shaped spikes key to coronavirus success, finds new study

Scientists have modeled the spikes of the coronavirus particle to unravel how their shape and number may influence the transmissibility of the virus.

PCR Testing

In collaboration with the Okinawa Prefecture Government (OPG), a controlled laboratory at OIST has started Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing for COVID-19

New device set to recharge masks

A new device, designed by an OIST scientist, can effectively recharge the electrocharged filtration in N95 facepieces, which could help curb the global shortage of facemasks

How much distance is enough?

Professor Marco E. Rosti has been researching whether the two-meter social distance recommended by health professionals worldwide has a scientific grounding.

Manufacturing Masks with a Cotton-Candy Machine

Prof. Mahesh Bandi and his team applied a high voltage electric field to a cotton candy machine, poured in a powdered polymer, and created a fabric for masks that could help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Alcohol-based Gel

OIST students Sébastein Lapointe and Sandrine Burriel and their team have followed guidelines provided by the World Health Organization to begin production of a disinfecting gel with hopes of distributing it to health care facilities around Okinawa

Antibody Testing

Professor Matthias Wolf and his team have set up a blood antibody test that can be used to determine who has previously contracted COVID-19. The test could be used to screen residents in Okinawa to determine the true extent of the spread of the coronavirus.

Scientists develop low-cost chip for detecting presence and quantity of COVID-19 antibodies

Researchers in the Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit, led by Professor Amy Shen, have developed a rapid, reliable and low-cost COVID-19 antibody test.

COVID-19 Social Experience Survey

Professor Tom Froese from the Embodied Cognitive Science Unit at OIST has recently launched a survey examining how social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has affected human experiences.

UVC Sterilization Units

Prof. Keshav Dani and his team have developed a UVC sterilization unit that could allow hospitals to safely reuse masks when necessary

3D Printed Face Shields

Research technicians Micheal Grunwald and Kazumi Toda-Peters and Junior Research Fellow Paul Hsieh-Fu Tsai worked under the guidance of OIST Industrial Physician Dr. Tomoari Mori to 3D print face shields for health care workers in Okinawa

Modeling the Spread of COVID-19

Professor Simone Pigolotti and his team from the Biological Complexity Unit are currently modelling the spread of COVID-19 within Okinawa to predict its impact

Involvement with the COVID-19 Disease Map project

The COVID-19 Disease Map project is an international, multi-disciplinary effort, which aims to uncover and describe the molecular interactions involved in COVID-19. The ultimate goal is to provide the necessary research to find a cure for the disease.

Science Videos for Children

OIST has developed movies for children whose schools are closed due to the Pandemic to enjoy science at home

Handwashing and Sanitizing Campaign

A group of OIST researchers and students has produced posters and a video to teach why and how to properly guard against COVID-19 with good hygiene

COVID-19 Response Program
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