OIST Center for Quantum Technologies

OIST Center for Quantum Technologies


The OIST Center for Quantum Technologies (OCQT) was established in 2022 to promote and support interdisciplinary research in the quantum domain. From computer processing to medical imaging, the development of quantum technologies in the last half century have brought fundamental changes to the way we live. Current rapid developments in quantum information science and technologies are expected to bring what is being called the “Second Quantum Revolution”. Technologies like quantum computation, communication and cryptography will make possible new ways to generate, transmit, communicate, compute, process, and protect data, changing every aspect of our Internet of Things (IoT) based society. 

OIST has a strong history in quantum science research, and the establishment of OCQT is a significant step toward realizing quantum technologies with real world impact and deepening our understanding and manipulation of this exotic quantum world. 

Measurement is the basis of science and technology, and detecting what we could not see before will open up previously inaccessible worlds of technology. All scientific disciplines now rely on information processing, so fundamentally changing how we process information will significantly advance these disciplines and create new ones. OCQT strongly supports collaboration across these scientific disciplines.

Our research focuses on but is not limited to quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum sensing, quantum cryptography, and cyber security in the quantum era. We invite researchers both within and outside the quantum fields to join us in conducting new, exciting interdisciplinary research. 

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Prof. Kae Nemoto

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