11 Apr 2014
OIST researchers use robots to study the evolution of mating strategies.
7 Apr 2014
Prof. Qi and colleagues have discovered one cause of degradation for high-efficiency solar cells, research that can lead to extending the solar cell’s lifetime.
1 Apr 2014
The European Physical Society (EPS) announced on March 20 that this year’s Gersch Budker Prize will go to OIST Professor Tsumoru Shintake.


21 Apr 2014
OIST’s new experimental set-up aims to unite science and technology in the study of turbulence.
15 Apr 2014
Dr. Peach, an experienced and very engaged member of the OIST Board of Councilors, accepted the opportunity to become Interim Dean of Faculty Affairs.
31 Mar 2014
A new task force will address issues and implement changes with regard to gender equality at the university.
26 Mar 2014
On March 18-19, OIST hosted a video contest entitled “Why Science?” in which 23 contestants talked about their passion for science.