18 Mar 2015
Controlling particles with light and microfibers
11 Mar 2015
OIST researchers advance understanding of Parkinson’s disease.
4 Mar 2015
Growing film for use in solar cells under controlled conditions isn’t necessarily the best way. Ambient air grows better film, and it’s cheaper.


30 Mar 2015
OIST welcomes Dr. Machi Dilworth as the new vice president of gender equality
27 Mar 2015
Dr. Keiji Takanashi joins OIST as the Vice President of Financial Management. OIST will be well served by his wealth of experience.
24 Mar 2015
About 100 people converged at OIST to discuss how to make Japanese science more visible to the world.
18 Mar 2015
OIST hosted its first Science Challenge workshop on March 9-13 with 22 undergraduate and graduate students from Japan and abroad.