Graduate School Office

Graduate School Office

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The Graduate School is a division of the OIST Graduate University led by the Dean of the Graduate School. The Graduate School’s major role is to provide academic services, student support and administrative support. In addition, the Graduate School collaborates with others in OIST to participate in the Okinawa University Consortium and advance its missions.

The Graduate School organization is as follows:

Office of the Dean of the Graduate School

The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School coordinates all division tasks including reporting and management of fiscal-, space-, and human resources, and facilitates divisional communications both within and outside of the division. The deans are the locus of coordination with OIST BOG, BOC, Executives, Faculty, and other divisions and hold administrative and academic accountabilities for the division. It also coordinates within the division and with other stakeholders with students by providing early detection of challenges that students are experiencing and case-manage intervention measures. Finally, the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School develops relationships with external stakeholders such as other educational institutions, industry partners, and government offices.

Academic Affairs Section

The Academic Affairs Section administers and supports the academic program of the Graduate School.

Student Affairs Section

The Student Affairs Section is concerned with the everyday requirements of living, health and welfare of students at OIST.

Registrar Section

The Registrar Section is responsible for student personal information, academic records, data, and Graduate School-related travel expense and relocation support for students.

Curriculum and Programs Section

The Curriculum and Programs Section is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the quality and diversity of the taught component of the educational programs delivered by the Graduate School.

Admissions and Outreach Section

The Admissions and Outreach Section is charged with attracting qualified students to OIST and organizing educational outreach activities to develop a pathway for future talent in science. The Admissions and Outreach Section is further responsible for communications and the maintenance of relationship with alumni.

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