Institutional Repository

What is an Institutional Repository?

Often managed by university libraries, institutional repositories are intended to promote free and Open Access to the research output of the institution. By offering unrestricted access to research, institutional repositories allow anyone around the world to share in new knowledge and discoveries.

OIST is a member of the Japan Consortium for Open Access Repositories (JPCOAR), along with over 600 other academic institutions.

What is OISTIR?

“OISTIR” is short for Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University Institutional Repository, and it’s pronounced [ɔistɜ:r]. OISTIR is an Open Access repository platform that provides public and unrestricted access to research, scholarship, and other works created by university personnel and students. The purpose for OISTIR is to make the intellectual output of OIST accessible worldwide to maximize the scientific impact of its researchers and raise the institutional research profile. OISTIR is managed by the OIST Library, and it contains primarily academic articles and doctoral dissertations. Books and book chapters, academic conference proceedings, academic seminar materials (posters and power point slides, etc.), and OIST corporate publications may also be included in OISTIR.

OIST Institutional Repository

What is Open Access?

Open Access refers to freely available and accessible digital information. Such scholarly literature is free of charge and often is licensed using less restrictive means than traditionally published works. Despite the paradigm shift, many OA journals continue a strict peer-review process to maintain high quality publications.

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