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February 2017
A high-quality brochure which uses professional photos, infographics, and text to present a concise and beautiful overview of the graduate university in 42 pages. 21MB PDF
February 2018
An introduction to OIST faculty members and research units.
July 2014
A 108-page report which reviews the progress made since the publication of the first Framework Document, takes stock of the current state of the University, and anticipates its continued growth and development.
July 2014
At 42 pages, "Achievement 2014" takes stock of OIST in 2014 and attempts to seize the essential ingredients of vigor, enthusiasm, and competence that characterize the new Graduate University.
March 2014
A 38-page introduction to the graduate program at OIST.
August 2015
A 6-page introduction to OIST for campus visitors.
Annual Report
A yearly summary of the activity of the University, including the productivity of each research unit.

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