Office of the President

The Office of the President organizes and administrates all affairs for the President and acts as an interface to the scientific and administrative staff at OIST, OIST Board of Governors and Councilors, cooperation partners and other external relations, including our business network of supporters. Our goal is to support the President’s leadership in fulfillment of the university mission.

Responsibilities that fall within the Office of the President range from stakeholder management to university strategy and review. The Office ensures a smooth and efficient operation for the scheduling, organization, preparation, and follow-up of meetings, especially with the Boards, Committees, and external parties, as well as meetings with President and university members. It strengthens strategic links with external outreach on behalf of the President and supports decision-making with institutional research, benchmarking, and analysis.

The Office of the President oversees the organization of strategic planning for research and reports on the university’s mid-term and long-term strategy. The 5-year cycle includes strategy plan, system review and 3rd party validation of university’s performance.

The Office of the President also spearheads OIST's sustainability (SDG) initiative, which is led by the President and CEO.