Community and Education Outreach

Community and Education Outreach

Science festival preview show with CDC

“Our goal is to make it possible for every Okinawan high school student to visit OIST.”

— Tomohiko Teruya, head of OIST community relations from its foundation to 2022

Education Outreach

The most visible way the university benefits the prefecture is through community education and outreach activities that stimulate interest in science and introduce local students and adults to the world of science and technology research. In addition, OIST's international, English-language community demonstrates the importance of English education for success in domestic and international job markets. Local students can see that English is more than yet another academic requirement for graduation and entrance exams; it is the key to a successful career.

OIST outreach programs and activities are targeted to audiences defined by age and education level. Use the links below to find information.

  1. General Public
  2. Elementary
  3. Junior High School
  4. High School
  5. University

Economy and Society

As a university and research center, OIST also contributes to the region by directly creating jobs, attracting talent from all over Japan and the world, by fostering businesses and industry, and by increasing Okinawa’s reputation as a center for learning, research, and innovation.

Get more information about the university’s contribution to Okinawa’s economy and society.

contribution to Okinawa

Watasumi Microbial Fuel Cell installation


OIST is committed to making progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through research programs, educational outreach, tech transfer and entrepreneurship, and community initiatives.

SDG projects

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