Shops and Restaurants

Shops and Restaurants

Interior of Aeon store

Café Tancha (open on April 10, 2023)

Café Tancha serves fresh bread, sandwiches and a variety of beverages.

Logo mark of Cafe Tancha

Yun-Taku OIST Restaurant

Yun-Taku OIST Restaurant offers set meals, noodles and bowls prepared on-site, as well as packed lunches.

Aeon OIST Store

Aeon OIST Store offers a variety of international foods and daily necessities.

Entrance of a supermarket "AEON"


For the convenience of OIST members and visitors, Okinawa Bank ATM is located on Level C, near the entrance to the Skywalk. Guidance is available in English and Japanese. Users can make cash withdrawals from Japanese bank accounts, cash deposits and bank transfers to Japanese bank accounts using Japanese bank cards. Please use the Aeon Bank ATM located in Aeon OIST Store in the Village Center for cash withdrawals using foreign credit cards and bank cards.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Friday 08:30-22:00
  • Saturday, Sunday, and holidays 09:00-18:00
ATM in center building