All applications have a closing date listed in each job posting, so be sure to send in applications on a timely manner. Applications will be screened upon arrival.

Open Positions

Executive/ Senior Leadership




How to Apply

Email or mail by post your application documents to OIST recruiting members.
Email and postal addresses are listed in each job posting.
For general questions, email: recruiting[at]

Background Check

OIST Graduate University is committed to provide a safe and secure workplace to foster outstanding research environment with qualified employees. To this end, OIST conducts Background Checks to verify academic and employment history as a condition of all new employments. 

Mid Career Hiring Ratios

Mid Career Hiring Ratios (pdf)

Employee Support and Development

OIST Graduate University is an equal opportunity educator and employer, and is working actively toward increasing the diversity of its faculty, students and staff. The University strongly encourages applications from underrepresented groups.

OIST provides a family-friendly working environment including the OIST Child Development Center, and has proactive policies and practices in place designed to promote a culture of diversity such as “Stop the Tenure Clock” and “Professional Travel Support” policies. 
Other community services: Schooling Options, Language Education, and Resource Center(Daily Life Support in Okinawa)

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