The Gadrens housing ocean view

Faculty Houses

OIST provides houses for faculty at the Hillside Faculty and Seaside Faculty Housing areas.

Hillside Faculty Houses

There are 22 Hillside Faculty Houses on the main campus, the farthest only about 400 meters from the entrance to Lab 1. Houses are designed to accommodate non-Japanese and Japanese families alike, with Western style hard floors, high ceilings, full bath and kitchen, a large living room, outdoor deck, yard, and a driveway.

Hillside Faculty Housing aerial
Hillside Faculty Housing

Seaside Faculty Houses

There are 8 faculty houses at the Seaside Campus, which is 3 kilometers from the entrance to the Main Campus, well within walking distance for a healthy commute. Seaside Faculty Housing units have high ceilings, large windows, full kitchens and baths, and large rooms to accommodate families.

Seaside Faculty housing exterior
Seaside Faculty housing interior


Faculty, researchers, and students are housed in apartments in the Village Center, West Court, and East Court.

Village Center

The Village Center is a two-building, 5-story facility with common and community facilities on the ground floor and one- and two-bedroom apartments above. The Village Center offers a total of 72 apartments: 39 one-bedroom apartments of 45 square meters each and 33 two-bedroom apartments of 70 square meters each.

The interior design is simple and modern, with calm colors, and many of the rooms have stunning views of either hills or sea.

Village Center from center building
village center entrance

West Court

Each unit in the West Court comes with a trunk room at ground level and a single parking space in front of the building. Also, the first-floor units have a small private garden on the courtyard side, complete with pastoral wood fence.

A park-like court running between the two rows of apartments includes barbecue and playground equipment, as well as a garden area managed by the OIST Gardening Club. While the apartments are unfurnished, residents can rent furniture for small extra fee.

west court apartments
west court apartments park

East Court

The East Court comprises 54 units: nineteen 45 square meter units with one bedroom, thirteen 70 square meter units with two bedrooms, and nine 100 square meter units with three bedrooms.

East court apartments
east court apartments park view

South Hill

Consisting of 3 two-story buildings comprising 24 1-bedroom apartments, South Hill provides single-resident housing options for students and researchers at OIST.

South hill apartments from pond
South hill apartments exterior

The Gardens

The Gardens is a unique complex of housing, consisting of apartments and shared housing units tailored specially for OIST.

The gardens apartments exterior
The gardens apartments gate
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