Supplier Guidance (International)


Thank you very much for your support and cooperation through business transaction in OIST's research and educational activities.

We would like to inform you about several points of attention on the transaction with us as below. Thank you again for your kind understanding and cooperation.

*Following content stands on the international transaction. So, if your Japanese branch (or local distributors) can make transaction with OIST, please visit "Guidance for business partners in Japan" for the information about domestic transaction in Japan.

Points of attention on Transaction with OIST

  1. Financial cycle
  2. Standard term of payment
  3. Standard delivery terms
  4. Competition methods for OIST Procurement
  5. Contract terms and conditions
  6. Placing purchase orders from OIST
  7. Dating on accounting slips
  8. Delivery to OIST
  9. Suspension of business transaction
  10. Contact window for illicit or inappropriate actions
  11. Special requests for your cooperation
  12. Providing your sales updates


1. Financial cycle

OIST's annual financial cycle commences on April 1 of every year and ends up on March 31 of the subsequent year.

This is following the Japanese standard financial cycle including budgetary validity, financial closing, financial statements and settlement report.

OIST's transaction cannot step over the crossing point of fiscal years in principle, excepting funds which can be used for multiple-year-basis expense.

Please note that all PO should be concluded after April 1, and all transaction should be completed by the end of March (delivery to OIST's place and successfully accepted).


2. Standard term of payment

OIST's Standard Payment Term:
T/T remittance (bank transfer)
By the end of month following the month of delivery

Japanese public funds requires payment after delivery and acceptance. OIST's main fund is now the subsidy from the Japanese government. Therefore, our standard payment policy cannot accept down payment (whole or partial, anyway).

For your consideration, we would like to state our credit check by public support from the Japanese government by official letter and financial statement.

Furthermore, the Japanese government provides their subsidies for almost all OIST SC operation expenses every fiscal year and the subsided amount is about 20 billion Japanese yen which shares 98% of our revenue. Besides, OIST SC procurement is controlled within the limit of the fiscal year budget in accordance with Japanese Act for Normalization of Grants. Technically speaking, therefore, there is no risk of default.


3. Standard delivery terms

OIST's standard Incoterms are DDP or DAP for international sales/purchase transactions. Sellers shall be responsible for custom duty and other cost of freight in such terms.

OIST can accept sending by the international carriage services like FedEx, DHL and UPS, and almost all research units or administrative sections have their own account of each service. Please contact the person in charge of PO (or RfQ) for more detail conditions.


4. Competition methods for OIST Procurement

 OIST's procurement is regulated to be conducted through selection of business partner by price competition in principle. Multiple quotation comparison will be adopted into the range 1.5 million JPY or more and less than 3.0 million JPY (or, if the Requesting Unit is a research unit or section managed by the Provost, less than 5.0 million JPY). Public tender will be organized in the range 3.0 million JPY or more (or, if the Requesting Unit is a research unit or section managed by the Provost, in the range 5.0 million JPY or more).. Above "JPY equivalent" will be calculated by OIST internal fixed monthly exchange rate (not by realtime TTC/TTS).
 In the cases like selection by quality examination (not only its price), several proposal methods will be accomplished, and some cases would be including negotiation events about contract terms and conditions.

Besides, information of OIST's tender announcement and past contract records are available at separated webpage (please refer to below links).

Tender Information
Procurement Information (including construction items)
List of Past Contracts

*For documentation regarding tender, please follow the information about required documents for tender.
Tender schedule and its items would be found at the information for e-bidding. Open bidding or other kinds of competitive tender will be conducted in Japanese Yen. We can introduce a scrivener as an agent for your participation to the requesting international business partners. Please contract us when you need such services, and note that it takes some time at least a month for appropriate preparations.


5. Contract terms and conditions

 For transactions valued 5.0 million JPY or more, contract agreement will be established in each case, using OIST's standard terms and conditions(contract forms) shown as below.

*Above forms are described along OIST's general transaction terms and conditions, and some adjustment will be proposed according to actual transactions.
*Please refer to the webpage for OIST's rules and procedure related to procurement, for more information including detail stipulations about business transaction.


6. Placing purchase orders from OIST

 Order will be placed by the authorized staff in the OIST procurement section in principle.

 An exception, only transactions valued 1.5 million JPY or less, OIST regulation allows that order form will be provided by research units or administrative sections directly to the business partners. In such cases, please inform persons in charge in each unit/section with order receipt.

 Order from OIST will be placed essentially by the official "Order Form" or contract agreement. Please carefully be noted that OIST can not make payment for transactions without issuing official "Order Form" for both goods sales/purchase and services, since it will not be accepted as OIST's transaction. Our business partners are requested to prevent issuing order receipt without OIST's official "Order Form", like just via telephone or email.
 Besides, if you received several PO forms which separated each below 1.5 million JPY from the same person at the same day, it may be concerned as inappropriate split order described in following "7. Contact window for illicit or inappropriate action". Please do not issue your order receipt, and ask the person in charge about such compliance.

 OIST places purchase order based on your quotation (or similar price estimation). It would be appreciated if we could receive it as electronic file like PDF. Paper-basis master copy of quotation will be required at delivery, so please include it to delivery package when shipping. Master copy is requested to have logo or trade mark of your company (at ordering, it will be accepted without such symbol), printed date and signature or seal by the representative of your company. If your company is operated in abroad (not in Japan), it is not necessary to provide paper-basis master copy (we can accept e-file solo).
 In OIST, only for transaction values 1.5 million JPY or more, specification with requirement sheet (quotation request form) is essential to be presented from OIST employee to business partner at request for quotation. Specification sheet will be attached to "Purchase Order", therefore, when there was not established specification sheet by OIST in such price range above, please contact requesting person in charge.

[Reference] Research Units in OIST

OIST's nominee for contract agreement/application forms
OIST stipulates that nominee of university for PO or contract shall be authorized by the CEO of the school corporation in principle. Only authorized persons in charge can make signature, and/or seal onto your company's format like contract agreement, application forms and other documentation which certifies establishing the transactions.
OIST cannot accept any of such documentation signed/sealed by non-authorized staff of the university, even your company's regulation does not care about its authority. Thank you very much for your careful attention.


7. Dating on accounting slips

 Accounting slips to be submitted to OIST such as quotation, delivery slip and bill etc. are requested to have printed date. When slips have blank or handwriting portion for date etc., OIST may request to reissue afterward transaction.

 Please submit following documents at delivery.

  • Delivery slip (or packing list): master copy *Completion certification for services or construction
  • Bill or invoice: master copy
  • Quotation: master copy
  • Copy of PO from OIST: photocopy

・We accept electronic seal onto accounting slips as master copy
・We can not accept copy of seal onto accounting slips as master copy (if the copy was sent from our business partner)
*Exception, only with appropriate reason (difficulty of master copy) described on the accounting slip, we can accept it. And we can accept if your company only provide e-files as master copy.


8. Delivery to OIST

 Acceptance inspection will be conducted by the authorized procurement staff of the Supply Center, not by requesting person in charge at first.
 Please deliver the items and delivery slip to the Supply Center at the OIST Onna Campus, and obtain acceptance stamp before bring it to the delivery place (laboratory etc.). For services, please submit work report ot documents which can explain completion of service, instead of delivery slip. Please be noted carefully that OIST can not make payment for delivery without acceptance check.
 When using direct shipping by logistic services, please compile delivery slip and bill into the package as such as possible. And please designate delivery time within below slot.
 Supply Center opens from 9:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00, excepting weekend and holidays.

 Suppliers are requested to submit "work application form" when delivery and setup of large equipment, special installation in the building (vibration, noise or use fire etc.). Please contact below persons in charge of the OIST Building Management Section for more details.
 Detail instruction about entry and reception to the campus is also available at "Delivery/sales to the OIST campus".

 OIST Building Management Section: Kai (, Mr.), CC Shinzato (, Ms.) 

 In principle, OIST requests for payment term as at the end of month following the month of delivery and acceptance (or completion of service) by wire transfer (T/T remittance).


9. Suspension of business transaction

 OIST may consider suspension of business transaction when presence of following fact;

  • Bribery, Breach to the Anti-Monopoly Act, Bid-rigging
  • Unreasonable declination of contract, Crude execution of contract, Breach of contract, Illicit or dishonestly action
  • Illicit/inappropriate action which described in "7. Contact window for illicit or inappropriate action" or involvement

 Plus, just in case, if you have any requests from OIST employee to do illicit/inappropriate action (such as fictitious transaction and/or false entry documentation etc.), please do not accept it and contact the OIST Procurement Section. OIST inflicts penalties to the person/company who were involved to illicit or inappropriate action even if such action was suggested by OIST employee.

*OIST and its employee shall decline firmly to gift or offer of profit from our business partners according to the University's policy.


10. Contact window for illicit or inappropriate actions

 Official contact window is available as follows for your whistle-blowing about illicit/inappropriate actions of transaction.

  <Contact>  OIST Procurement Section
      A floor at Center building, 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa Japan
      (ZIP: 904-0495)
      TEL:  +81. 98. 966. 2293
      Persons in charge: Ogawa (Mr.)

   *Telephone line open at: 9:00 - 17:00 (JST, except weekend and holidays)

 Please inform us through above contact when you find (, or be instructed by OIST's staff to do) any suspicious matters of illicit/inappropriate actions related to procurement like below.

  • After-the-fact operation of order after delivery of research supplies etc.
  • Money deposit, fictional transaction
  • Delivery with different items than order
  • Delay from delivery due or fiscal-year-end without appropriate procedure like contract amendment
  • False entry on accounting slips like delivery date etc.
  • Request to obtain or prepare quotation from other competitors
  • Deliberately split order to avoid appropriate procedure stipulated by price range
  • Leak of plan or timeline of large transaction before public announcement
  • Contribute or offer for free research equipment etc. for future sales/purchase to prevent competitive selection unfairly
  • Actions and operation with failure to some sort of OIST's official rules and procedure, or its suspicion
  • Obtrusion and/or ordinance above or similar action

 Posted information will be managed appropriately within internal, and OIST investigates about the fact. Purveyors are not treated adversely on transaction or infringed to their rights by the post.
 On the other hand, when you received several series of order from OIST which valued 0.5 million JPY or less at the same day from the same person, there is risk to be suspected as above inappropriate deliberately split. So please do not receive the order, and check with the person in charge of order about its background.


11. Special requests for your cooperation

[At the auditor's inspections]

 OIST's transaction and budget execution are carefully checked by the Board of Audit of Japan and OIST internal audits. When necessary to submit transaction data to them, we perhaps ask you for your cooperation for disclosure of the data or documents in your company, or some questionnaire about procurement in OIST.  We deeply appreciate your kind support and cooperation.

[At the end of fiscal-year]

Cooperation for special operations at the end-of-fiscal-year will be expected.

[Earthquake countermeasure]

OIST drives proper earthquake countermeasures at installation of  equipment or furniture.

The seller is requested to provide the information about appropriate methods of protection for the system from earthquake, and cooperation when OIST takes earthquake countermeasures for the system regardless delivery date.(prevention against over‐turning, fixation method etc.).

When computers and/or displays are included, the seller shall provide earthquake countermeasures by banding or sticking at the installation. Necessary straps or gel pads will be provided by OIST.


12. Providing your sales updates

Please inform us by your sales updates regarding discount campaign, launch of the new product, approach for seminar/demonstration opportunities, updates of company name/representative/location or so on.

Person in charge: Ogawa

In addition, please notify us when you can adopt some special price or discount offers for academic organization at issuing a price estimation.
Please refer to the "Statement: OIST SC non-profit accredited educational organization」", if you require such confirmation for the offer.


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