Child Care and Education

Child Care and Education

Child development center exterior view

OIST provides dual language (English and Japanese) high quality nursery care, early childhood education, after-school and holiday programs for the families of OIST students and employees.

0-6 years

The Tedako Child Development Center (CDC) provides care and education during working hours for children of OIST employees and students who are 6 years and under. The CDC has the following programs:

  • Infants 2-18 months old
  • Pre-toddlers 1-2 years old
  • Toddlers 2-3 years old
  • Preschool 3-4 years old
  • Kindergarten 5-6 years old

5-12 years

The School-Age Program (SAP) provides afterschool care on school days for children of OIST employees and students who attend external kindergartens and local and international elementary schools. An OIST bus visits selected local and international schools.

The School-Aged Program is also the designated space for the OIST children's English Language Classes, both English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Arts (ELA).

The Holiday Program provides full-day care with structured activities and homework support for external kindergarten and elementary school age children of OIST employees and students during holidays. This includes OIST workdays when local and international schools are on holiday.

All Ages, including Junior High and High School

Schooling Options is a consultation service in which a full-time Education Coordinator helps current and prospective OIST employees and students to understand the education options available to them in the area and make informed decisions for their families. This includes families with elementary, junior and senior high school students but also families opting for local kindergartens and international schools.

Language Classes

OIST makes available on-campus English Language Arts (ELA) classes for elementary age children of OIST members.

Financial assistance for OIST members

OIST employees and students can apply for the OIST School Subsidy (login required), a partial subsidy program, paid by the university’s limited private funding, to support attendance at certain accredited international schools in Okinawa, in which the curriculum is taught in English.

Child Care Facilities

On-campus childcare makes use of the Child Development Center building and Seaside House.

Part of the community

Children attending the CDC hold university events like festivals, concerts, and exhibits as full members of the OIST community.

Dove shaped stickers on the glass window

The 2022 OIST Tedako Child Development Center Art Exhibition, titled “Peace” was held on the OIST campus from in August, 2022.

children performing on the stage

In August, 2017, the Tedako Child Development Center organized a local kids' performance of Ryukyu traditional dance "Kumiudui (or Kumiodori)" and "Ryukyu buyo".

Kids and adult OIST members in a tug of war

Tug of war between CDC kids and OIST researchers at the OIST 2nd Birthday Celebration in 2013.

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Playground at the Child Development Center.

CDC teacher and students

Teacher and children at the Child Development Center.