Construction workers connecting first Sky Walk to Lab 1
Construction-Related Procurement/Tender (Japanese)
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Procurement/Tender of Goods and Services

Construction Tenders

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Guidance for business partners in Japan

Important information about making transactions with OIST.

Read more about guidance for domestic business partners.

NOTE: The content above stands on the domestic transaction within Japan. So, for the abroad partners, please visit "Guidance for international business partners" f

Guidance for international business partners

For information about overseas transactions with OIST. In general, OIST designates JPY (Japanese Yen) as standard currency for domestic transactions (those within Japan), even if your company is headquartered outside Japan.

Read more about guidance for international business partners.

Delivery/Sales Guidance to the OIST Campus

Get details about the basic policy for access to OIST labs by outside parties.


Every tender at OIST will be processed by the E-bidding system. As a rule, paper-based bidding is not acceptable.

Participants must be registered with OIST’s e-bidding system to participate in e-bidding. Please complete the necessary procedures beforehand. For more details about preparation for e-bidding, please visit the link below.

Please note that the e-bidding system can only be used in Japan and is inaccessible from overseas.

Go to the E-bidding Portal.


Please visit the Bidding Information Website for the latest information on bidding for goods and services. Public Notices of Bidding, specification sheets, and other materials can be downloaded from the website.