Student Life

Student Life

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OIST is proud to offer a first-class postgraduate experience – both inside and outside the classroom. With a wide range of educational, recreational, social, and cultural activities, there’s many opportunities to explore your passions and master something new.


Excellent accommodation is provided in the Campus Village and the Gardens. Both are on campus and surrounded by forested hills overlooking subtropical beaches.

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Living Space

Students may choose from single, double, or family housing options that include kitchen and living rooms. Housing is located a short walk from amenities such as a convenience store, fitness gym, beaches, and close to the laboratory buildings.

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Club Activities

Through Recreation Services, OIST offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs, where students can compete, volunteer, and partake in recreational and cultural activities to enhance health and well-being.

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Child Care and Education

OIST has the Child Development Center (CDC) from 2-month-old to 6-year-old, and the School Aged Program (SAP) for 5- to 14-year-old children. Classes are in English and Japanese and licensed teachers care for the children so students can focus on their research.

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For Students New to the Japanese Language

OIST is an international graduate university where all education and research are done in English. Japanese language ability is not required; however, Japanese language classes, taught by full-time, professional teachers, are offered for free for students, employees, and their partners.

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For Japanese and Other Second-Language English Speakers

OIST encourages applications from Japan and other non-English speaking countries. Students not yet sufficiently confident in English may enroll in English classes taught by professional English as a Foreign Language instructors. Students' family members can also attend these classes for free.




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The Ganjuu Wellbeing Service

Ganjuu” is an Okinawan word meaning ‘good, well, strong, healthy.’ Qualified clinical psychologists and counsellors support and nurture Ganjuu in the whole of the OIST community, providing a range of services in both English and Japanese. If other languages are required, they can work through interpreters.

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Student Affairs Section

The dynamic, professional Student Affairs Section provides front-line help to students in all matters concerned with their life at OIST, starting from relocation process (visa process), as well as continuous support during their PhD program.

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