Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

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OIST was initiated with an act of the Japanese Diet in 2009. The broad aims for OIST in that legislation were to provide internationally distinguished research and education and contribute to the promotion of Okinawa. The guiding principles and strategic goals detailed in the OIST Strategic Plan 2020-2030 are true to that original goal.

Ideals and Principles

“OIST was founded to promote internationally distinguished research and education, on science and technology based in Okinawa … and thus contribute to the promotion and self-sustaining development of Okinawa and to the development of science and technology worldwide.”
(Article 1 of the Cabinet Office Ordinance No. 59 of 2011, Enforcement Regulation of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology School Corporation Act)

Vision, Values, and Mission

Our Vision: The advancement of knowledge for the benefit of humanity

Our Values: We abide by a core set of values that underpin everything that we do: Excellence, Respectfulness, Responsibility, Transparency, Sustainability, Diversity, Courage, and Freedom.

Our Mission: We are a pioneering graduate university. We conduct research that bridges disciplines to explore new frontiers of scientific knowledge. We educate a new generation of scientific leaders. We are a catalyst for an innovation hub in Okinawa.

Guiding Principles

Globally Recognized: We want to be globally recognized for world-leading, cross-disciplinary research that benefits humanity.

Destination of Choice: We want to be the destination of choice to work, learn, and collaborate, linking science to education and leading to innovation and entrepreneurship, supported by an efficient administration.

Partner of Choice: We want to be the partner of choice for innovation and a catalyst in Okinawa, promoting economic growth and sustainable benefits, addressing problems important to Japanese and global society.

Strategic Plan

The OIST Strategic Plan 2020-2030, available for download in summary and full versions below, was developed between August 2018 and May 2019 by open consultation within OIST, through task forces and working groups that involved directly more than 100 OIST members. There were many focus group and individual discussions with our external and internal advisors. There was a series of well-attended open meetings to keep people informed and to allow comments, ask questions and make suggestions. All documents were shared on the OIST internal website for comments. Finally, the strategy was discussed with the Board of Councilors, the Board of Governors and with others inside and outside OIST. It was endorsed by the Board of Governors at its meeting in May 2019.


Two versions of the Strategic Plan are available: a 26-page brief extract with added interviews and information and the full 136-page document.