Professional Development and Inclusion

Professional Development and Inclusion

Amy Shen gesturing as she talks in a group gathered around a table.

The Center for Professional Development and Inclusive Excellence (C-Hub) provides the OIST community with a centralized place where:

  • faculty, students, postdocs, research staff, administrative staff, and administrative leaders can explore opportunities for personal and career growth;
  • evidence-based practices and research are applied toward professional development to support all careers in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate;
  • connections and collaborations can be created across and beyond the university.

The C-Hub enacts its mission by engaging the diverse experiences, perspectives, and contributions amongst the broader OIST community to foster productive dialogue and exploration, and ultimately support OIST’s mission toward scientific and educational excellence.

Learn more about how C-Hub helps OIST members to develop their careers and realize their potential.