Core Facilities

Core Facilities

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The OIST Core Facilities are an important part of how OIST conducts research. The Core Facilities maintain and manage equipment required by multiple users. These common pieces of equipment are then available for researchers to use, allowing researchers to concentrate on research.

Each Core Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with technical experts ready to support the research conducted at OIST.

Services offered include:

  • Operation training, new users are introduced to equipment and trained to become self-sufficient in the operation of the complex scientific instrumentation
  • Consultation
  • Sample measurement
  • Data analysis

Core Facilities

Animal Resources Section (ARS)

  • Management of OIST animal facility
  • Provision of animal care
  • Secretariat of the Animal Care and Use Committee

Sequencing Section (SQC)

  • Management of genetic analysis resources
  • Provision of DNA sequencing service using massively-parallel sequencers

Scientific Imaging Section (IMG)

  • Management of common imaging equipment and facilities for imaging
  • Provision of technical support for imaging techniques

Instrumental Analysis Section (IAS)

  • Management of common instrumental analysis equipment and facilities for mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy, lab automation, flow cytometry, etc.
  • Provision of technical support for instrumental analysis techniques

Engineering Section (ENG)

  • Management of common equipment and facilities related to mechanical engineering, nanofabrication, electronics engineering and materials characterization
  • Provision of technical support for engineering

Environmental Science and Informatics Section (ESIS)

  • Management of common equipment for terrestrial fieldwork
  • Provision of technical support for terrestrial fieldwork

Marine Science Section (MSS)

  • Management of OIST Marine Science Station
  • Provision of fieldwork support for marine science research

Scientific Computing & Data Analysis Section (SCDA)

  • Management of scientific computing resources
  • Provision of advanced high-performance computing and research storage resources

Basic Lab Support (BLS)

  • Management of basic common equipment and common laboratories
  • Provision of labware redistribution service and glass wash service