Background Check

OIST Graduate University is committed to provide a safe and secure workplace to foster outstanding research environment with qualified employees. To this end, OIST conducts Background Checks to verify academic and employment history as a condition of all new employments. When conducting background checks, OIST will comply with relevant Japanese laws and the University’s Policies, Rules and Procedures. (ref. PRP 31.5). 

Applied to

  • Senior Level Executives
  • Faculty
  • Researchers
  • Research Unit Technicians
  • Research Support Employees
  • Information Technology Engineers
  • Administrative Staff 


A background check is a process of verifying certain job-related information provided by the candidate.  This includes the criminal history, employment history, and certificate verification but may also include other types of checks based on the nature of the position sought (e.g. education, media search, credit status, and directorship verification would be conducted). 

When a candidate accepts an offer, the candidate needs to sign the declaration to acknowledge a Background Check and to release personal information to the third-party administrator. Positions eligible for background checks will generally contain a statement in the job posting to inform prospective applicants of this requirement. 

A candidate will be excluded from consideration of employment if they refuse to consent to the authorization to conduct a criminal records check. 

The candidates who provide false or inaccurate information in the recruiting process will be excluded from consideration for employment. If the misrepresentation is found in the background check process, OIST will revoke the offer. 


The reports from the background check company are confidential and will not be disclosed to any individual, including hiring managers, unless HRVP decides to disclose the report for the consultation with the office of General Counsel and Management. 

Process of Background Check 

  1. Prior to an official offer, a candidate will be requested to sign a declaration to acknowledge background check and release the personal information to the background check company. 
  2. The background check company will contact the candidate to obtain personal information and verify their background (Background check would take 10 ~15 business days) 
  3. The candidate is asked to submit certificates/verification documents to the background check company. 
  4. OIST reviews the Background check report and informs the candidate of the result. 


  • Recruiting Section, Human Resource Division (
  • Academic Development Section, Office of Dean of Faculty Affairs (