31.5 Procedures

31.5.1 How to Request a New Position. When the need to fill a position is identified, the Hiring Executive must apply with a Personnel Requisition through the Talent Mobility Form (hereinafter referred to as “TMF”). The Hiring Executive must be accountable for identifying hiring needs, developing the job description, for the position before requesting. The Recruiting Section initiates job posting upon receiving the Personnel Requisition through TMF. [link: 31.3.1


31.5.2 Hiring Process after Selecting Candidates The Hiring Executive complete a Personnel Action through TMF to proceed with the hiring process Other related documents [link: 31.6] should also be submitted to Recruiting Section. With approval of the Hiring Executive and the Approver, the Recruiting Section, sends out the offer letter to the selected candidate.


31.5.3 Relocation

To obtain more information, consult the “Relocation Allowance Guidelines”.


31.5.4 OIST ID Card

To issue OIST ID Card, please refer to "Regulations for OIST ID Cards".

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