3 Jul 2019
Research shows that coral reefs are retreating from equatorial waters and establishing new reefs in more temperate regions.
2 Jul 2019
Scientists create artificial cells that can express distinct genes in response to specific chemical signals, opening the door to new ways of delivering drugs.
20 Jun 2019
Normalized ranking places OIST as first in Japan and top ten globally.
17 Jun 2019
OIST receives donation from a local Okinawan company to support the Institute’s innovation and entrepreneurship programs.
6 Jun 2019
Five top international research institutes from Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia join forces to form the unique BRIDGE Network.
24 Apr 2019
Japanese institutes team up to prevent and prepare to fight future invasions.
16 Apr 2019
Genomic study reveals how jellyfish develop into floating beauties, rather than staying stationary like corals or sea anemones.