17 Dec 2018
Researchers learn how a key transcription factor helps regulate the immune system and could be critical to understanding autoimmune disease and cancer immunosuppression.
29 Nov 2018
OIST researcher helps unravel the origins of vertebrate gene regulation in a large collaborative study.
9 Nov 2018
Scientists investigate the strange behavior of viscoelastic fluids in a series of specially designed experiments.
30 Oct 2018
For the first time, scientists reveal how a promising drug candidate for cancer therapy interacts with receptors on tumors.
19 Oct 2018
Scientists discover a molecular “brake” that helps control eye lens development in zebrafish.
18 Oct 2018
Near-atomic resolution model of viral protein complex brings clearer understanding of the viral mechanics.
24 Aug 2018
Gut “Missing Link” Shows How Mammals Evolved to Live with their Microbes.
15 Aug 2018
OIST scientists identify essential genes for quiescent cells to switch back to dividing mode using fission yeast that may lead to new cancer therapies.
26 Jul 2018
Scientists from OIST have helped sequence the entire venom genome of the Okinawan habu.