6 Jun 2019
Five top international research institutes from Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia join forces to form the unique BRIDGE Network.
24 Apr 2019
Japanese institutes team up to prevent and prepare to fight future invasions.
16 Apr 2019
Genomic study reveals how jellyfish develop into floating beauties, rather than staying stationary like corals or sea anemones.
28 Mar 2019
Scientists decoded the genome of the popular Okinawan seaweed “umi-budo” or “sea grapes,” which could help ease the crop’s cultivation and address environmental issues caused by the invasive spread of related species.
26 Mar 2019
A report by the Okigin Economic Research Institute estimates OIST's economic impact, past and future.
18 Mar 2019
Scientists can now study the migration of label-free cells at unprecedented resolution, a feat with applications across biology, disease research, and drug development.
28 Feb 2019
Scientists uncover how one protein keeps conditions ‘just right’ so that cells can easily divide into two identical daughter cells.
31 Jan 2019
Research uncovers previously unknown effects of fasting, including notably increased metabolic activity and possible anti-aging effects.