Commendation Ceremony 2022 Japan Coast Guard

OIST receives commendation from Commandant of Japan Coast Guard

Thank you Commander Ichijo for your kind words in appreciation of OIST.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Japan Coast Guard and to Commandant ISHII for honouring OIST with this prestigious award this year. 

The award recognizes the work of OIST Professor Satoshi Mitari with the 11th Regional Coastguard Headquarters in marine and oceanographic research since 2012.

And so this year we are also celebrating, as mentioned by Commander Ichijo, the 10th anniversary of our collaboration. 

Prof. Mitari will highlight in more detail the nature of our joint projects later on. 

For now, I want to say that we are very pleased with this opportunity that has already resulted in the development of advanced research capabilities to achieve public and community welfare. 

As an island, Japan and its people have always had a special relationship with the surrounding water, the weather systems, and the marine ecosystems it supports, striving for a balance of national security, economic prosperity and protection of marine resources for centuries. 

But recently an increasing number of marine challenges have been emerging as result of human activity and the detrimental effect on the environment. 

In Okinawa, this is especially concerning, since it is an island heavily dependent on what the ocean and the abundance and diversity of the marine ecosystem have to offer to generate its economy and shape its way of life.

Scientists are only beginning to unravel the mysteries hidden in 70% of the world’s surface that is covered by oceans. 

At OIST, we are pleased to offer a world-class research and education environment for the advancement of marine science. 

Already home to leading scientists, OIST’s Marine Science research facility continues to attract pioneering researchers to Okinawa for an opportunity to work and collaborate with other national, prefectural, and local public and private research organizations on a wide range of topics, spanning from climate change, marine biophysics, to studying the evolutionary history of marine life.

As a proud member of the local community, OIST is especially honoured to be representing Okinawa at this award this year. 
We will continue to engage in activities that strengthen our community and further build trusting relationships.

Congratulation to the 11th Regional Headquarter on your 50th anniversary.

I look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration between our organizations.

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