General Public Outreach

General Public Outreach

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What is OIST? What do we do here?
OIST campus is open to the public, so please visit us!

Campus Tours

Science Festival

This event is open to the public and provides an opportunity to learn about OIST's education and research activities while experiencing the latest science and technology first-hand. The event includes a Science Café program during which visitors can talk with researchers and learn about the mysteries of animals and plants. We also offer unique hands-on crafts and experiment demonstrations that will spark your curiosity and introduce you to the wonder of science.

Science Festivals

Scientist and a boy in white coat

Junkudo Science Talks

Science talks featuring OIST researchers and students are held periodically at the Junkudo Bookstore in Naha. Attendees can ask questions directly to the researchers.

Science Talk

Scientist talking on the stage

Cultural Events

Traditional Performing Arts

Enjoy traditional Ryukyu performing arts such as Okinawan folk songs, Ryukyu dance, and Kumiodori, a kind of traditional Okinawan opera.

Ryukyu traditional dancers

Art Exhibitions

Art exhibitions featuring students of the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts and many other international and domestic artists are held periodically throughout the year.

Artworks exhibited in the Tunnel Gallery

Music Concert

We invite performers from inside and outside the prefecture to hold concerts on a regular basis. We have offered jazz, classical, modern, traditional Japanese, and more.

flutist, bass player and violinist playing on the stage