18 Sep 2019
Scientists devise new method for studying solar power
13 Sep 2019
OIST was pleased to host Mr. Denny Tamaki, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture.
10 Sep 2019
Scientists combine glass and synthetic diamond as a basis for tiny structures
9 Sep 2019
New collaboration takes an unusual approach to tackling red soil erosion.
4 Sep 2019
OIST President Peter Gruss's speech delivered at the 2019 Welcome Ceremony
26 Aug 2019
New approach combines light sensing with microfluidics to give real-time results.
19 Aug 2019
Synthetic spiro pyran polycycle compounds could have potential in drug discovery.
30 Jul 2019
Voltage imaging allows scientists to ask new questions about the brain.
25 Jul 2019
Unusual material defies the typical behavior of matter.
23 Jul 2019
New “ducted” model is a step toward affordable renewable energy.
14 Jun 2019
Snake venom is an ever-evolving concoction of toxin proteins, but snakes only use a few recipes to create their preferred cocktail.
6 Jun 2019
New “molecular transformer” changes shape and lights up in response to trigger.
31 May 2019
OIST held its second graduation ceremony to celebrate its latest graduates.
29 May 2019
Study unveils connection of classical toy model to new topics in quantum gravity.
28 May 2019
On Sunday, May 26, a special event was held to honor Dr. Sydney Brenner, a crucial figure in creating the OIST we know today.
9 May 2019
OIST graduate Dr. Faisal Mahmood to be appointed as a faculty member of Harvard Medical School