11 Aug 2020
Memories form a central part of our identity but how they are created and stored is still unclear. One researcher is aiming to change that.
29 Jul 2020
Scientists combine new scientific techniques to test old theories on how evolution occurs on remote islands.
27 Jul 2020
Researchers have developed a novel device for single nanoparticle trapping which has potential applications for drug discovery, disease monitoring, biomedical imaging, and more.
22 Jul 2020
In the time of a pandemic, scientists grapple with the hidden cost of social isolation
10 Jul 2020
Ecology, evolution, and developmental biology all come together in the research conducted by clownfish scientist - Professor Vincent Laudet.
8 Jul 2020
Scientists decipher the evolutionary history of a coral reef predator
30 Jun 2020
Study exposes silenced sites within ‘jumping genes’ that could one day drive development of environmentally-resistant crops.
24 Jun 2020
Professor Svante Pääbo’s quest to use the genomes of extinct forms of humans to uncover secrets about our past, and present.
17 Jun 2020
Emergency signs, clock dials, and safety-way guides require glow-in-the-dark materials. Professor Ryota Kabe is looking at how these materials can be created efficiently and economically.
5 Jun 2020
Researchers combine experiments and theory to determine how curved edges affect the wrinkling of ultra-thin materials.
21 May 2020
A researcher explores the mind and its implications for human society.
8 May 2020
Recent study describes new states that can be found in super-cold atom experiments, which could have applications for quantum technology.
24 Apr 2020
A study in mice and rat brains reveals how general anesthesia dampens high frequency brain activity by weakening synapses.
22 Apr 2020
Professor Simone Pigolotti and his team from the Biological Complexity Unit have modeled the spread of COVID-19 within Okinawa to predict its impact.
20 Apr 2020
With the number of COVID-19 cases in Okinawa on the rise, OIST researchers are looking at how they can help the local community.
9 Apr 2020
Lab 4 will provide additional world-class research facilities to the University and continue to encourage interdisciplinary research.
27 Mar 2020
Scientists create model to measure how cells sense their surroundings.
23 Mar 2020
Scientists probe how excited states of matter behave in phosphorene – a two-dimensional material with unusual properties.