The OIST Coral Project Logo on Route 58

Kariyushi Co., Ltd., a supporter of the OIST Coral Project, posted our project logo on a wall along Route 58 in front of Kariyushi Beach.

wall of kariyushi sangopark with logo marks of OIST and other project members

The logo of Onna Village, which has been declared a “Coral Village,” and Sunna-chan, the character of Onna Village who is a coral fairy born to protect the natural environment, are posted side by side along with the OIST Coral Project logo.
On April 6, 2024, Kariyushi Co., Ltd. plans to open Kariyushi Coral Park, a place where visitors can learn about coral and its role in the environment. The OIST Coral Project intends to work closely with Kariyushi Coral Park and to support its efforts to educate and excite people about coral.

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