22 Feb 2020

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University looks forward to welcoming you to our campus and conference facilities.

19 Feb 2020
The Japanese government has updated its public advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) and this has been shared with all OIST staff and students.
3 Feb 2020
OIST scientist probes mysterious cuttlefish brains and behaviors.
27 Jan 2020
Researchers model interactions between unique fluids and tiny structures.
16 Jan 2020
OIST’s resident applied topologist transforms the field.
14 Jan 2020
Researchers develop a machine capable of solving complex problems in theoretical physics.
9 Jan 2020
Researchers develop cutting-edge optical resonators with applications in biosensing.
8 Jan 2020
Researchers scan the brain to uncover how medication for ADHD affects the brain’s reward system.
8 Jan 2020
Researchers study deep sea specimen’s habitat and phylogenetic placement.
20 Dec 2019
Researchers characterize the evolution of beak shape in relation to its many functions.
10 Dec 2019
Cutting-edge science and industry are combined in award-winning entrepreneurial teams, boosted by Okinawa's first global startup accelerator program.
25 Nov 2019
Scientists characterize microscopic defects in next generation solar devices.
22 Nov 2019
A ceremony was held in Washington, DC, USA to launch the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Foundation.
16 Oct 2019
Study of charge transfer allows simpler real-time observation of catalysis.
11 Oct 2019
Study using artificial neural networks confirms a role for inhibition.