Science Videos for Children

Updated April 22, 2020

The OIST Media Section Team is creating a science video series to support families with young children whose schools have closed to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. The initiative joins the effort of the Japanese Association of Communication for Science and Technology (JACST), which is comprised of science communicators from different institutes and universities in Japan.

This developing video series aims to inspire elementary students in scientific inquiry through recent discoveries at OIST.

Okinawa Wildlife Quiz!

Join the OIST Shisa for another science video adventure. Let's learn about the amazing wildlife of Okinawa in a fun new quiz!

OKinawa Environmental Observation Network

Make Your Own Polymer Slime!

Learn about cool polymers by making slime at home!

Let's Make a Moebius Kaleidocycle!

Learn how to make a cool 3D shape that folds around itself!
Download the template for this shape and make one are home.

You can also check the full Youtube playlist of OIST Videos for Kids!