Handwashing and Sanitizing Campaign

Updated April 23, 2020

A group of OIST researchers and students has produced posters and a video to teach why and how to properly guard against COVID-19 with good hygiene.

Video and posters by OIST scientists Christopher Petoukhoff, Marine Le Gal, and Shivani Sathish, with the help of OIST Communications and Public Relations staff members Andrew Scott and Jeff Prine.


Download both posters - the handwashing and sanitizer hand-rubbing versions of "Do You Want to be a Hero today?" - in one PDF file.

Image of the first poster.


Be a Hero: Handwashing and Sanitization

Be a hero: fight COVID-19 with knowledge.
Learn how and why to properly clean your hands to keep yourself and your community free.

A video by OIST scientists Christopher Petoukhoff, Marine Le Ga, and Shivani Sathish.

Scene from the video showing the handwashing demonstration

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