Gameifying Proteins - the Molecular Playground at OIST

26. December 2011 - 0:00

Some people are likely to think supplementary diet when they hear the word, protein. Yet, these molecules invisible to the naked eye are found in every cell, muscle, tissue and organ in our body. The case of 'invisible' proteins was recently solved by the launch of a molecular playground at the OIST tunnel gallery.

OIST's Dr. Fadel Samatey, collaborated with researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMASS) to bring a molecular playground to OIST. The playground, a large manipulable display is strategically located next to OIST elevators to catch the attention of staff and visitors going to offices and labs. This exciting venture sees gaming software used ingeniously to enable people to manipulate protein images displayed onto a large screen via a Kinect-Xbox.

You can find out more about the proteins shown here at MolecularPlayground.Org


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