5 Jun 2012 - 14:25
Despite recent decades’ dramatic advances in the tools used to study how living things work—increasingly powerful imaging methods, whole-genome sequencing, and access to vast amounts of...
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29 May 2012 - 23:02
BOG/BOC Science Vignette...
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24 May 2012 - 11:50
Jerome Friedman, a Nobel Laureate in physics who is a member of OIST’s Board of Governors, spoke to students at Kaiho High School, near Naha, on...
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24 May 2012 - 11:10
Workshop participants and instructor Fumiyoshi Ishidate (second from right). One of OIST’s...
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23 May 2012 - 17:51
Prof. David Daley David Daley, an expert on environmental factors in attention deficit/...
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21 May 2012 - 11:28
Co-organizers Stace Beaulieu and Satoshi Mitarai lead a wrap-up session...
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18 May 2012 - 17:32
Ulf Skoglund (left) and Lars-Göran Öfverstedt...
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18 May 2012 - 16:30
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11 May 2012 - 18:02
(From left) Professors Thomas Busch, Síle Nic Chormaic, and Nic Shannon Quantum@...
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9 May 2012 - 19:57
Prof. Jeff Wickens answers a question from an audience...
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