5.3. The OIST Graduate Program

The OIST graduate school offers an integrated doctoral program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The degree of PhD is a research postgraduate degree. Such a degree shall be awarded to a candidate who

  1. meets admission requirements and receives and accepts an offer of admission, and is registered as a full-time PhD student for a minimum of three years and not more than ten years; and
  2. satisfactorily completes prescribed coursework amounting to at least 30 points (20 from courses, 10 from research work) or alternatively, has obtained the equivalent number of credits based on prior study; and
  3. presents a successful thesis representing the result of the candidate's research which should constitute an original contribution to knowledge and contain material worthy of publication; and
  4. satisfies the examiners in an oral examination in matters relevant to the subject of the thesis.


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