28.5 Procedures


28.5.1 Direct Orders and Purchase Requests

For details on the procedures for Direct Orders and Purchase Requests, please see the University’s Website of the Division of Financial Management, titled Operation Workflow “Procurement”. For operations on the ERP system, the ERP System Operation Manuals are provided respectively.


28.5.2 Competitive Bidding and Contract Procedures

The following procedures are for competitive bidding and contract operations;

  1. Contract Management Stipulations
  2. Detailed Stipulations for Procurement Committee
  3. Detailed Stipulations on the Procurement of Large-scaled Equipment
  4. Stipulations for Multi-year Contracts and Multi-year Vendor Selection
  5. Detailed Stipulations for Committees related to Procurement for Building Construction and Facility Management
  6. Detailed Stipulations on Priority Review for Adoption of PPP/PFI Methods


28.5.3 Guidelines

The following are alternative guidelines;

  1. Guideline for e-Bidding
  2. Guideline for Overall Evaluation Method
  3. Guideline for Proposal Competition
  4. Guideline for Reverse Auction
  5. Guideline for Post-bidding Negotiation Method
  6. Guideline for Confirmation Offering
  7. Guideline for Fair Bidding Investigation Committee
  8. Guideline for Suspension of Transaction

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