Agreement on Science and Academic Cooperation between OIST and RIKEN

OIST and RIKEN concluded an agreement on scientific and academic cooperation.

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) and RIKEN concluded an agreement on scientific and academic cooperation on March 31, 2020 with the aim of promoting academic and scientific technology in Japan and the world.


Outline of the Agreement     


  1. Outline and purpose of the agreement

 The purpose of this agreement is to promote academic, scientific and technological advancements and the development of human resources in Japan and the world through partnership and cooperation between OIST, which has been promoting international, interdisciplinary, and advanced research activities and education, and RIKEN, Japan's sole comprehensive research institute for natural sciences, by utilizing the research and development capabilities and human resources of both institutions.


  1. Effective period

From March 31 2020 to March 31, 2025
The effective period may be extended for another 5 years based on mutual agreement between both institutions, by the timing of expiry.


  1. Contents of partnership

  • Exchange including faculty, postdoctoral scholars and other staff
  • Execution of Joint Graduate Program and mutual support for education and human resource development
  • Joint research activities
  • Exchange of use of research facilities and equipment
  • Future installation of Joint Laboratories
  • Other areas where both institutions agree to achieve the purpose of this agreement


  1. Future efforts

Under the Joint Graduate Program, OIST and RIKEN will deepen the collaboration in human resource development such as RIKEN researchers teach classes in OIST and provide research guidance to OIST graduate students in RIKEN.


In addition to steadily promoting collaborative research already being conducted, we will promote further exchange of researchers through the mutual use of research facilities and equipment, and will proactively consider new collaborative research fields and Joint Laboratories.


Dr. Mary Collins, OIST Provost, expresses expectations for the agreement, “This agreement enables further collaborations between RIKEN and OIST, utilizing the complementary strengths of both institutions. This will foster next generation scientific leaders in Japan and around the world, and build joint research activities in frontier research areas. ”

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