OIST Welcomes its 7th Graduate Class

On September 3, 2018, the OIST community gathered in a ceremony to welcome its seventh class of PhD students.

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) welcomed its 2018 cohort of PhD students on September 3, 2018. In a true representation of OIST’s global culture, the new students come from 15 different countries and regions across the globe, and include for the first time, students from Argentina, Brazil, Croatia and Vietnam.

The Gradute Class of 2018 at the Welcome Ceremony.

 At the welcome ceremony, OIST President Peter Gruss addressed the new students, emphasizing the core values that the University prides itself for- excellent science, multidisciplinary research, commitment to students and diversity of its community. “We as a research university aspire to educate the future leaders in science and technology,” he said.

“You have a wonderful opportunity at OIST to try new things and explore new scientific disciplines,” said OIST President Peter Gruss.

 “Science is very integrated in the social life and our university is doing its best to make a valuable and profound contribution,” said Ulf Skoglund, the Dean of Graduate School. In his speech, he advised students to develop both professional and personal networks with their colleagues and peers.

Ulf Skoglund, Dean of Graduate School in his speech encouraged the new students to build strong personal and professional networks with their peers and colleagues.

Ankur Dhar, the Chair of the Student Council, urged all the new students to explore the multitude of opportunities that both OIST and Okinawa have to offer. “What you do outside of the lab is just as important to your success here as what you do inside,” he said. He highlighted the role and support of the Okinawan communities in making OIST a success and encouraged the students to engage and participate in the community activities of OIST.

Ankur Dhar, Chair of the Student council encouraged the new students to explore the opportunities offered by OIST and Okinawa during their time here.

In between the speeches, the new students introduced themselves, sharing with the audience their backgrounds and research interests. The ceremony concluded with an energetic performance of the traditional Okinawan Eisa dance by local artists.

Traditional Okinawan Eisa Dance performed by local artists

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