Major Addition to Student and Researcher Accommodation

The West Court Apartments are now complete, and new residents have started moving in since early July.

Ten months after the opening of the Village Center, the West Court Apartments also opened their doors to new residents early in July. This timely addition to housing on the OIST campus will provide accommodation for researchers and the second cohort of students that are to arrive in September. New residents have already moved in to 13 of the 36 units, and more are to follow in the coming months.

Characteristic of the West Court is the relaxing atmosphere created by the rich greenery. It is designed around a central garden laid with bluegrass and young trees. With each apartment having 2 or 3 bedrooms, the West Court is perfect for families or students who wish to share a flat. Like the rooms in the Village Center, the interior of the apartments in the West Court have a simple, modern design, and are painted in warm colors. From the large windows of the north side apartments there are spectacular views of Tancha Bay. The exterior is also attractive. Houses have been painted in natural shades of yellow, green, and brown, and blend in well with the greenery. What is more, there is a barbeque grill, yards that are perfect for children and pets to play in, and two recreational gardening spaces.

One resident said, “My wife, our baby and I moved into the West Court in mid-July. We really like our new apartment since it provides sufficient room for family activities.” Another resident, who lives with his wife and their 18 months old daughter, commented, “The West Court feels like a real home for my family, especially since we have our own yard. My wife loves the spacious kitchen. The central garden is also a great place for the community to mingle and have fun together.”

The housing units in OIST were developed through a public-private partnership (PPP), in which the expertise and funds of private companies are utilized. In a PPP, private companies are responsible for the construction, fund collection, and operation of public institutions.

The West Court Apartments can accommodate up to 80–100 people.  In two years the East Court Apartments will also be completed, bringing the total number of housing units on the OIST campus up to 200.

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