OIST’s student-run KUROSHIO Magazine Launched!

Read the OIST “current” in KUROSHIO Magazine

The KUROSHIO magazine, which shares its name with a major ocean current that passes by Okinawa, was launched on September 15th. This magazine is the first PhD student-run publication to be started at OIST. “We wanted to start a conversation,” stated Adi David, a member of the KUROSHIO editorial team, “and we are thrilled that the OIST community has appreciated KUROSHIO as a platform to share ideas and experiences, and explore a wider range of sensibilities”. The pilot issue features an eclectic mix of topics such as where to find the best coffee in Okinawa, which places to visit while traveling in Mumbai, and what can be learned by reading Japanese manga. KUROSHIO will be issued three times a year, covering current events and ideas of interest from OIST’s highly diverse community. The articles will also be published on its website, allowing free access around the world.

The magazine’s launch stems  from a project that is part of the Professional Development course for first year students of OIST's PhD program.  The course aims to develop knowledge and skills important for pursuing a scientific career. KUROSHIO team, however, wanted to expand their ideas beyond the classroom. "Kuroshio is aimed to be a platform where people can share their views, interests, and experiences in life in OIST and Okinawa", explained Cindy Esporlas, KUROSHIO public relations manager.The team aims to be ever evolving and sustainable, constantly welcoming new members.  Participating in creating KUROSHIO also helps foster more well-rounded students. “KUROSHIO is a good opportunity to write for the public because science students do not get as much training for that”, said Saahil Acharya, the magazine’s editor. The team is calling for contribution in various forms, including articles and artwork such as photos and illustrations, to be featured, and as members joining the team. 

Pick up a copy of KUROSHIO today to learn more about “current” activities at OIST! 

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