Thinking about Environment and Energy: Dr. Qi visits Yamada Jr. High School

OIST regularly organizes events to enhance children’s interest in science, and to let them know the research activities taking place at OIST. On December 8th, Dr. Yabing Qi, Assistant Professor of the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit at OIST, visited Yamada Junior High School and delivered a lecture to the students. 46 students from the first and second grades gathered to listen to the lecture.

Dr. Yabing Qi enthusiastically talks about possible solutions to environment and energy issues.

In his lecture “Environment, Energy and YOU”, Dr. Qi first gave an introduction to his hometown in China - Gaoyou city, and his past experiences. Then Dr. Qi highlighted the urgency of global warming and energy supply sustainability challenges. In response to these challenges, Dr. Qi talked about his current research on solar cells.

Dr. Qi explained that he has been involved in research on novel energy materials and new technologies in making efficient, low-cost solar energy harvesting devices, underlining that producing clean energy by solar cells is vital in tackling the environmental issues not only of Okinawa but also around the world.

At the end of his lecture, Dr. Qi encouraged the students to embark on a career path in science to protect the future of the earth.

A student asks a question about the price of solar cells

Students listen carefully to a lecture by Dr. Yabing Qi



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