Thursday, 2. February 2012 - 13:00

Science Is Fun! – OIST Researchers Visit Local Junior High Schools

Dr. Keshav Dani

Onna Junior High School student asks a question.

On January 23, Dr. Keshav Dani, Assistant Professor of the Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit at OIST, visited Onna Junior High School to talk about science. Dr. Dani introduced his research on powerful laser technology that can cut anything into pieces, stimulating great excitement amongst the audience. He also talked about his high school life in his home country, India, and his former teacher at a university he later attended in the United States, who was a master of Karate.

Asked by a student what is the most exciting aspect of conducting research, Dr. Dani answered, “It is fun to be surrounded by and play with research instruments all the time.”

On January 26th, Dr. Lars-Goran Ofverstedt, a researcher of the Structural Cellular Biology Unit, visited Afuso Junior High School. Dr. Ofverstedt’s appearance - two meters tall, wearing a short-sleeved shirt in the middle of winter – surprised the students.

In a talk entitled “Big microscope to see small things,” Dr. Ofverstedt presented the state of the art microscopes that he uses for his research. Showing a microscopic movie clip that captured a tiny 1/1,000,000 mm object, he said that scientists need bigger instruments to see smaller objects.  Dr. Ofverstedt also introduced his home county, Sweden, by showing many beautiful pictures.


Dr. Lars-Goran Ofverstedt

Dr. Ofverstedt receives a bouquet of flowers from the students