7 Feb 2012

OIST holds 1st Admissions Workshop

OIST President Jonathan Dorfan greets the participants

Following our Inauguration as a Graduate University in November 2011, the OIST Graduate University was pleased to host the first Admissions Workshops from January 29th to 31st.

Nearly 30 prospective students who had been selected from the first applicants for entry to the OIST Doctoral Program came to OIST for a series of interviews, briefing sessions, and other activities. These gave us the opportunity to get to know the prospective students better, and them the chance to see the excellent facilities, environment, and faculty that OIST has to offer. 

From among the students at this Workshop and the next Workshop in March, the first students of the OIST PhD program will be invited to join a flexible, individualized training in science and technology, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to challenging questions at the frontiers of modern science.  Classes begin in September 2012, and we're looking forward to it!