OIST Green Nudges Initiative


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Green Nudges initiative was launched in 2020 and aims to inspire university communities around the globe to adopt environmentally friendly habits and greener lifestyles. OIST has officially joined the cause and established our very own Green Nudges initiative here on campus.

Nudge theory is an idea from behavioural science that involves subtly leading people to make positive decisions. It works on the idea that small actions can have a large impact on the way people behave. By using techniques such as gentle persuasions, positive reinforcements, changing the framing of choices, resetting default options and harnessing social influence, green nudges can inspire sustainable conduct and instil environmental values that can last a lifetime.

The Green Nudges initiative at OIST aims to inspire the OIST community to make eco-friendly choices and reduce the university’s environmental footprint. The project is focused on creating a greener campus, making day-to-day operations more sustainable, and reducing carbon emissions. The venture seeks to identify environmental issues within OIST and the local community and generate creative solutions.

The project is kicking off with two new programs. The first is a lift-sharing scheme that aims to combat the problem of road traffic congestion and lack of public transport in Okinawa. The program will encourage people to car-pool, allowing them to save money and reduce their carbon emissions. The second program is a green office scheme to stimulate environmental awareness and encourage actions to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases produced during the working day at OIST. These programs are in the early stages of development, and OIST is currently recruiting enthusiastic task force members and participants to transform these ideas into reality.

Green Nudge, UNEP

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