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OIST’s study on songs of local birds in news

The work being carried out by Dr. Nicholas Friedman and his colleagues from OIST’s Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit, on acoustic monitoring of songs of Okinawan birds, has been recently featured in Current Biology.  Read the complete article here.

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French Radio Reported Okinawa's Challenges

French radio station Radio France International (RFI) reported on some Okinawa's issues. OIST reseracher Dr. Masahi Yoshimura talked about the environmental issue.

You can listen to the report from here. (In French)

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Multidisciplinary LSPR Study in the News

A multidisciplinary study conducted by the Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit with assistance from the Structural Cellular Biology Unit has been published in ACS Sensors.

The paper looks at the use of LSPR techniques as a means of running realtime, label-free monitoring of bacterial biofilms, which could have big significance for drug screening in the future.

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Column: To Save Okinawa's Bashofu - Scientists Move Forward to a Conservation

Second article is now online : OIST's column series at the Asahi Shimbun GLOBE+ "Scientists without boarders from Chura-shima".

It is about Dr. Yoko Nomura and her passion to save the local beautiful Bashofu. (Only in Japanese)


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Computational Neuroscience Unit in the News

A new paper from OIST's Computational Neuroscience Unit has been published in Cell Reports. The study, authored by Dr. Yunliang Zang and Prof. Erik De Schutter highlights the construction of a new computational model of Purkinje cells, a crucial neuron that controls motor function from the brain's medulla.

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Promoting OIST’s Attractions to the World: VP Whyte Expressed OIST Goals


On July 2 (Mon), Dr. Barry Whyte, the newly assigned OIST Vice President for Communication and Public Relations, made a courtesy call at the Okinawa Times headquarters.   

Born in the UK, VP Whyte holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry, and served as the head of communications at the European Molecular Biology Organization and other world class research institutions.

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OIST Study on Nocturnal Fishes in News

A study on how dark marine environments influence the brain power of nocturnal fishes by Dr. Teresa Igesias and Prof. Economo from OIST and published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, is in the news. Read the complete story here.

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Startup Accelerator Program Covered in Newswitch

Japanese science and technology news outlet Newswitch has reported on the Innovation Square Startup Accelerator Program today.

The I2@OIST program is a new initiative aimed at catalyzing startups in Okinawa, strengthening local innovation in OIST and the sustaining economic development in the community.

The first team being incubated is Shoreditch-son, who are developing personalized nutritional supplements.

You can read the full story here.

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OIST Wave-Energy Converter Covered by Bloomberg

OIST professor Tsumoru Shintake is contunuing to make waves with the Quantum Wave Microscopy Unit's trialling of their unique wave-engergy converter units.

Currently installed in the Maldives, the units use wave power to generate electricity for a local hotel.

The story has been covered by the international financial news outlet, Bloomberg:

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Physics and Biology Unit in News


A new study by OIST Physics and Biology Unit headed by Professor Jonathan Miller is in the news. The study co-authored by Dr. Zdenek Lajbner, Dr. Reuven Pnini

and Prof. Miller from OIST, on the influence of temperature on mitochondrial DNA selection, was recently published in the journal Scientific Reports. Read the full story here.

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Light-Matter Interactions Unit in the News

OIST's Light-Matter interactions unit is making news with the publication of their new paper in Optica. Written by Dr. Joanathan Ward Yong Yang, Fuchuan Lei and Síle Nic Chormaic, the paper discusses the use of glass bubbled called Whispering Gallery Resonators to detect nanoparticles, and an OIST design to improve their efficiancy.

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Joy of Learning Proudly Presented: OISTers Awarded at Nago Japanese Speech Contest


On July 7th, 12th Japanese Speech Contest was held by Nago International Exchange Association.  Eight participants from Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia, and Mongolia made their speech on what they have been thinking in Okinawa.

For the first prize, Mr. Amol Dahal, an OIST technical staff from Nepal was chosen with his speech titled, “Personal Growth since I Came to Japan.”

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G0 Cell Unit in the News

OIST's G0 Cell Unit is in the news as a new paper has been released in Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The study looks at a protien complex called cohesin that plays a pivotal role in chromosome segregation in cell division. Co-written by Dr Xingya Xu and Dr Norihiko Nakazawa, the research posits that the sturcutre of the molecule may be radically different to what was first presumed, which as impikcations for medical treatment of its dysfunction.

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Introducing Charms of Bashofu: OIST Fabric-Dyeing Club is to Publish a Leaflet

To disseminate charms of Bashofu (Okinawan traditional fabric), Okinawa Traditional Craft and Fabric-Dyeing Club in OIST has been working on preparing a leaflet on history, technology, and function of Okinawa traditional Bashofu fabric.  The club members are going to distribute the leaflets at various exhibitions and schools to disseminate charms of Bashofu.  The members are also calling for funds for preparing the leaflets.

Donation Sought through Cloud Funding

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Continuum Physics & Fluid Mechanics Units in the News

A paper published in Physical Review Letters is making a cosmic splash in the press. The study, authored by Dr Tapan Sabuwala of the Continuum Physics Unit, along woth Pinaki Chakroborty of the Fluid Mechanics Unit, outlines how surface roughness is a key factor in creating crater rays - the patterns of ejected debris that are created by meteorite impacts on the surface of planets.

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OIST Starts A Column Series! (Asahi Shimbun GLOBE+)

We proudly announce that OIST has just kicked off a monthly column series on Asahi Shimbun GLOBE+.

Our Sceince Communicators will talk about OIST's science, Okinawa and the world of science! Check it out!

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OIST Financial Support Under Discussion


On June 11, a Review Committee for future OIST and its issues was held at Cabinet Office.  The possible procedures for evaluation and verification of the School Corporation have been discussed prior to FY 2021, the 10th year review after the enactment of OIST School Corporation Act.

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These labs are remarkably diverse — here’s why they’re winning at science

Nature 7 June 2018 issue focuses on diversity in the lab.

It features OIST's Nanoparticles by Design Unit (Prof. Sowwan) as one of the "remarkably diverse " labs.

Read the article : 

These labs are remarkably diverse — here’s why they’re winning at science


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Theory of Quantum Matter Unit in the News

OIST's Theory of Quantum Matter Unit has been in the news following the publication of their new paper outlining an experiment into a substance know as a Quantum Spin Ice.

The paper outlines the synthesis and testing of a material called praseodymium hafnate (Pr2Hf2O7), which displayes strange quantum properties that are very similar to light. You can read the full story here.

Here is the story in the press:

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Neural Computation Unit in the News

A new study released by OIST's Neural Computation Unity has explored the link between the hormone Serotonin and patience in mice. Authored by Dr Dr Kayoko Miyazaki, Dr Katsuhiko Miyazaki and Prof. Kenji Doya, the paper finds that increased seratonin boosts the length of time mice are willingto wait for a food reward, provided they believe there is a high chance they will get one. The paper is published in Nature Communications.

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