OIST Welcomes its 6th Graduate Class

Thirty-seven students joined the university this year, representing 19 different countries and regions.

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) welcomed its 6th class of doctoral students on September 1, 2017. OIST prides itself on creating an international atmosphere, which is represented particularly in this year’s selection of 37 students from 19 different countries and regions. The ceremony began with a speech from President Peter Gruss, who greeted the students warmly.

“You are the first class I have the pleasure…of welcoming to OIST, and I am honored to meet such fine individuals,” he said.

President Peter Gruss welcoming the new students to OIST

In his speech, President Gruss talked about the future of science and technology, about how the world is now on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution. “Mankind will rely on your generation’s creativity and intelligence, on your integrity and responsibility,” he asserted. He also described the seven “Cs” of success: be curious, creative, courageous, and critical, complete projects, communicate, and be correct.

The Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Jeff Wickens, also welcomed the new students, naming them “the lifeblood” of a university.

“Our students are a shining example of diversity and inclusiveness,” Professor Wickens said. “In such a community, originality and creativity can surely flourish. I hope that wherever you are from, whatever your background, you will feel that you are at home at OIST. We are your family for the next few years.”

The Chair of the Student Council, Sandrine Burriel, addressing the new students at the welcoming ceremony.

Sandrine Burriel, Chair of the Student Council, also addressed the new students and talked about kindness. “Don't forget…[all of the] people who help support your work,” she said. Among those she mentioned were research administrators, staff from Student Support and the Graduate School, as well as food vendors, security, and cleaning staff. “We do not always see them, but without them, there would be no OIST.”

Between speeches, the students introduced themselves: where they are from, their background and their hobbies. These intelligent, diverse, and enthusiastic newcomers are sure to bring even more greatness to the OIST community.

Students introduced themselves at the ceremony.

The ceremony concluded with some professional Okinawan Eisa dancing. The new students and OIST community clapped along to the music, and had a great time!

Dancing lion during the Okinawa Eisa dance performance.

OIST’s 6th Graduate Class

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