The Sea in a Ceramic Plate

The exhibition Ishigaki Blue welcomes everyone at OIST with its beautiful shades of blue.

The exhibition Ishigaki Blue, by Master Haruhiko Kaneko, opened on May 18th on the campus of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST). The exhibition is installed at the main entrance of OIST campus, to welcome every OIST member and visitors with an astonishing artwork. Ishigaki Blue is a mural consisting of 128 individual ceramic plates, each with a different configuration of the brilliant turquoise and cobalt blues of the seas around Ishigaki island.

The opening ceremony was introduced by Jonathan Dorfan, OIST President. “My wife and I first noticed the beautiful ceramics of Haruhiko Kaneko when we visited the island of Ishigaki,” Dorfan recalled. “We were immediately struck by the beautiful colours which reflect so well the ever-changing palette of the seas and beaches around the Ryukyu Islands.”

Dr Torsten Wiesel, chair of the OIST Board of Governors, was deeply impressed by the artwork. “I have always thought that science and art have much in common,” Wiesel said to the numerous audience. “I think that Master Kaneko is not just an artist, but also an experimenter.”

The ceramic plates are created though a unique technique that involves dissimilar substances. Master Haruhiko Kaneko, introducing the artwork, explained that the “works are characterized by the fusion of glass and porcelain, two inherently different materials, expressing the pristine nature of the sea. The depth of the sea is expressed by the use of mineral ores, so that the shining colours in various graduations are reproduced in my work.”

The artwork, which the artist has generously donated to OIST, will stay permanently in place, providing everyone with the opportunity to appreciate each ceramic plate as well as the full power of the collection.

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