Ways of Seeing

In his opening remarks at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Hamon – Science Meets Art” on Saturday 18 June, President-Elect of OIST Jonathan Dorfan stated:

“The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University will build an international center for science and technology.  To do so successfully, it must be imbued with the broader elements of human culture.  Accordingly, this new university will become a center for many branches of cultural expression be it art, music, dance or theatre and this exhibition is the first in a program of cultural activities that will be held at OIST.  It is entirely suitable that great works of art should find a home in a great center of science.”

The exhibition, which was made possible by the generous sponsorship by The Terrace Hotels, is open to the public in the Restaurant space in the Central Building until 30 November. The remarkable ceramics are a reflection by the renowned Okinawan artist Shinman Yamada on the ‘ripple’ that imbued matter with life.  This is a subject that has always been central to both science and art reflection.  Both art and science are ways of seeing; ways of interpreting our existence on earth.

For more information about the exhibition, please see the event webpage here.

Preparing to cut the ribbon to open the exhibit. From Left:From left: OIST Executive Director Dr. Robert Baughman, OIST President-elect Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, Mr. Shiman Yamada, The Terrace Hotels Co., Ltd. Special Adviser Mr. Mikio Higa, Yomitan Mayor Mr. Denjitsu Ishimine, and Onna Mayor Fumiyasu Shikiya.


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