Wednesday, 3. July 2013 - 15:10

The Intersection of Art and Architecture

The Art Exhibition “A Crossing of Minds”, jointly held by OIST and the faculty of Arts and Crafts of the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts (OPUA), opened on June 27 at the OIST campus. Seventeen sculptures, ceramics, and installations, produced by 16 faculty members, are displayed throughout the facility.  

On June 28, the opening ceremony was held in the Center Building, with President Tsuguo Sakumoto and faculty from OPUA. In his opening speech, OIST President Jonathan Dorfan expressed his delight in having the exhibition at OIST, saying, “The sculptures, ceramics, and installation seem very much at home here at OIST, fitting naturally into the modern architectural style of our campus. They are imaginative, contemporary, and convey a sense of daring and risk.” He then went on to celebrate this second collaboration between OIST and OPUA, which followed the orchestral performance by OPUA at the inauguration of the OIST auditorium last May, “I would be delighted to see interactions between students of the arts and students of science.” President Sakumoto spoke about the significance of this exhibition, “I hope that visitors will enjoy the works of various artists and will be inspired in their own ways.” He closed his speech, saying, “I hope that all who gather here at OIST will develop a broad, deep connection with science and art through this and future events.”

Afterward, OIST staff and artists had a chance to discuss the art. Seemingly surprised by the viewers’ enthusiasm, Kaori Fukunaga, who teaches sculpture at OPUA remarked, “I received many questions from the observant spectators”.

Before the event, the artists came to examine the environment in which their work would be displayed, carefully selecting the locations in which individual pieces would be placed, based on how they fit the architectural style of the buildings. “It is the relationship with space that is essential for sculpture and pottery, and viewing distance is equally important for the installations,” Associate Professor Yasuhiko Sunagawa, who played a major role in planning this exhibition, explained. “OIST’s buildings are fantastic in themselves, but it creates a new atmosphere when the art works are put in place. I am delighted that people can experience our art through this space.”      

The exhibition is open through September 7. Click here for more information.

By Yukiko Shibata

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