Monday, 26. August 2013 - 22:20

Women in Science

OIST is blessed with young talent who come from around the world to conduct research, to study, and to take part in internships. They go home with invaluable experience and lifelong networking opportunities, while OIST gains a lot from these young people who open our eyes to new ideas and creativity.

Starting August 27 on display in the OIST Tunnel Gallery is an animated slide show “Women in Science,” featuring 27 female scientists from Japan and overseas. This was created by Ms. Natsuko Hikiji, a physics graduate student at Hiroshima University, who took part in the OIST poster contest in March 2013 and won the grand prize, part of which was an internship at OIST. There is also a feature on OIST’s female researchers, students and members of the gender equality committee, which is responsible for expanding the presence and roles of women at the Graduate University.

“The two weeks passed by so quickly just like a typhoon. Launching a project from scratch in an entirely new environment involved more work than I had expected,” Ms. Hikiji said. “The project could not have been possible without the help from my interviewees, advisors and those who shared useful information with me.”

View Ms. Natsuko Hikiji’s project “Women in Science" here.

By Kaoru Natori

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