Monday, 13. May 2013 - 20:55

Prof. Hirotaka Sugawara Receives the Order of the Sacred Treasure

Prof. Hirotaka Sugawara, Distinguished Professor and Special Advisor to the President of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University was awarded on May 13 the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Government of Japan. Prof. Sugawara was recognized for his outstanding achievements in the theoretical study of particle physics, as well as his contributions in high-energy physics, advancement of accelerator science, development of Sokendai Graduate University, and promotion of international collaboration in the academic community. At OIST, Prof. Sugawara is working to foster a culture of innovation at the University and to build strong relationships with the Japanese government and with other universities.

Summary of Prof. Sugawara’s educational and professional experience (PDF)

Summary of Prof. Sugawara’s achievements (PDF)

Article about Prof. Sugawara's appointment at OIST (LINK)

By Kaoru Natori

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