Tancha Residents Visit OIST

On Sunday, February 27, OIST held a tour for the residents of Tancha, the district of Onna Village in which the OIST campus is situated. Led by Tancha District Chief Kazuya Ohama, the visitors numbered around sixty, ranging from the elderly to small children, but regardless of age, everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy this glimpse into OIST.

The event began with an address by Executive Director Dr. Robert Baughman in which he described the preparations being made for OIST's transition to a graduate school. The Tancha residents were then led on a tour of the facilities which included an in-depth look at the electron microscope room. For most of the visitors, this was the first time they had ever visited the OIST campus, but one woman in the group reminisced about when she used to work at the Grand Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens which used to occupy the hill where OIST now stands. This was the first time she has set foot in this area since then.


Tancha Chief Mr. Ohama is greeted by Executive Director Dr. Robert Baughman


Greetings and explanation of OIST in the Seminar Room


Electron microscope demonstration


Taking a break in the cafeteria


The Tancha residents tour group and their guides

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