“Council for Promotion of OIST”: support and understanding for OIST

The Council for Promotion of OIST, which is chaired by Okinawa Prefecture Governor, Mr. Hirokazu Nakaima, consists of 113 groups from academia and industry in Okinawa. Its purpose is to gain recognition of OIST from the citizens of Okinawa. On September 13th, the Council held a General Assembly Meeting in Naha.


Dr. Dorfan presenting the vision at OIST

Dr. Mitarai giving a presentation on his research

The keynote lecture was given by Dr. Jonathan Dorfan, OIST President-elect. He presented his vision of OIST’s contribution to Okinawa and appealed to the participants for their continued support. Dr. Satoshi Mitarai, from OIST's Marine Biophysics Unit, also gave a short presentation on the current status of his research about the seas near Okinawa, and emphasized the possibility of Okinawa becoming a world-center for marine science by making use of Okinawa's locality and the expertise at OIST.

At the general assembly meeting, Dr. Robert Baughman, OIST Executive Director, gave a progress report on OIST, and then the members of the Council discussed future projects, including raising donations and supporting the inauguration of OIST.


Dr. Baughman giving a progress report on OIST

Dr. Eiki Senaha, president of Meio University, stated. “I could really get to grips with what is going on at OIST. There was no higher education institution in Okinawa before WWII, but now OIST has been added to the excellent educational opportunities in Okinawa. I am very excited to see local students having ambition to be successful. ”

Asked his opinion of the meeting, Mr. Tadashi Teruya, General Manager of Okinawa Association of Corporate Executives, commented, “From the perspective of the business community, I think OIST has the potential to become the key to development of Okinawa. I would like to help by making connections between OIST and Japan's economic world. Like the Shuri Castle, OIST will become the icon of Okinawa, and will make a change in the world”.

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